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Race Card #95-Great Big Driver and a Little Bitty Car.

While this could mean Gator's beautifully rendered model in relation to the full size driver of the real car it also refers to the real racer too.

Anyone who has been around racing long enough has a few Tiny Lund stories. He has been involved in escapades ranging from chasing Cale Yarborough around a motel parking lot in the nude to being thrown out of a supermarket for causes a major crash while racing shopping carts. I regret that I never got the chance to meet Tiny but I did get some of the stories first hand from my friend Wanda Lund Early, Tiny's widow.

As a matter of fact, I could tell you a story about when me and Wanda first met at the.....well, never mind, this story isn't about me.

Suffice it to say, Tiny Lund was a larger than life, one of a kind character that will never be equalled in stock car racing. It's a real shame that racing will never again see the type of drivers that Tiny fit in with so well anymore. I guess that's why I build the old cars and watch the old films. Even a great baked potato is just so much starch without bacon, sour cream, cheese....you know, flavor. Something sorely lacking in the cookie cutter world of what passes for stock car racing these days.

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