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Race Card #93-Another "Brand X" ride for ol' Pops.

Just because Big Bill France wouldn't let Curtis play in his sandbox didn't mean that ol' Pops was sittin' home learning to knit. He ran USAC and some stuff for Smokey at Indy and IIRC even some Pikes Peak stuff. The Fords still came out of the same shop and were Competition Proven all the way.

Here's one of his "off-brand" rides that I think may have been the one that Wendell Scott wound up with that gave him such a scare. Ralph Moody came upon a troubled Wendell that needed some help and quick. "Lordy Mr Ralph, they took my gas tank and I ain't got another one. They said it held almost thirty gallons." Limit then like now was 22 gallons. Could have been a mixup with the USAC tank being left in and maybe Wendell just didn't know the "trick" to get it past ol' Norris. Ralph told Wendell to go on down to the truck and get him a new one and like so many times before, for so many racers before, Mr Moody had solved the problem and every body was happy. If there ever was an unsung hero and guardian angel of the "little guys" it would have to be Ralph Moody. I offer, and hope everybody sees, these Ford models of mine as a tribute to him and his talent.

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