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Race Card #87- You gotta be "Plum Crazy".

Back in the days when car companies were allowed to have things like style and a sense of humor, there were a lot of neat and some strange and even some downright bizarre things coming out of Michigan. Engine-transmission combos, color choices and body work options were at an all-time high.

Here's what happens when all three were taken to the limit and then given to stock car racing's finest to play with. Using what must be the most extreme envelope stretching production car ever, Dodge built the ultimate circle burner and Ray Nichols took it to the next level with his racing "tweaks" and topped the whole thing off with on of Chrysler's new "fun" colors.

Aptly named "Plum Crazy", the metallic purple color was added to the car with a white wing and lettering and was driven by an equally insane racer by the name of "Chargin' Charlie" Glotzbach. If you think crazy people can cause problems with firearms then you should see what they can do with 600 horsepower!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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