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Race Card #85- Let's Build Race Cars Like the Boss.

No, I don't mean that Bruce Springsteen built race cars. But, like many others that went through the "Holman Moody School of Race Car Fabrication", Dick Hutcherson became another in a long line of "graduates" that built the cars that formed the backbone of the so-called Modern Era of Stock Car Racing.

Coming into big time southern stock car racing in the mid-sixties Hutcherson proved to be a holy terror on the dirt tracks and no slouch one the big paved ovals either. He went on to lead some of H-M's teams in the late sixties and with the help of Eddie Pagan (yep, the guy in the '58 Ford in that disturbing Southern 500 crash pic) to take up some of the slack when Holman Moody shut down as Ford's racing outlet in the early seventies.

I always thought that the gold and white with red numbers made one of, if not the prettiest Fairlane race cars that there was. Here's my feeble attempt to build a race car that one of the premier full size bulders might would approve of. And it's wearing a set of the decals from the series I helped BlueRidge get the clearance for from John Holman's son Lee. Lee has always gone out of his way to work with me on anything I try to do and I am proud to call him, along with Tommy Turner and Larry Wallace of both the old HM and the new Holman Automotive my friend. Hope he likes it.

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