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At least in the case of Ned Jarrett. While he started and finished his racing in Fords he won his first of two championships in a Chevrolet. Here's one from one of the two seasons he ran for the Bowtie Brigade.

I've mentioned this before but Ned was the first real live race car driver I got a chance to see closeup. After he won his first championship he decided to try to polish his image to better represent the sport that was then pretty much considered to be populated with fools and whiskey runners. Always having a good sense of humor Ned used to make the comment that he never hauled whiskey so that must put him in the other class. He made it a habit to speak to youth groups and I saw him at the local First Baptist Church in the mid-sixties.

As the sport was coming of age in the sixties it could have had no better ambassador that "Gentlemen Ned". The ones that came into the sport recently were impressed by Ned's announcing skills but it was his caring enough to make sure he was an asset to his chosen field of race car driving that reaped the first benefits from this soft spoken hard driving sawmill man.

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