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Last Race Card-I'm out'a here.

Race Card #103-I'm out'a here.

I hope ya'll have enjoyed our little stroll through racing history as much as I've enjoyed bringing it to you. Now I have to get off my rear and get some work done. I've got a magazine article to write, a re-edit to do on the footage for my DVD, a few pickup shots to do on the subpar footage and a new script to write. I've sort of promised to do a segment on mine and Gator's modeling "history" and maybe completely re-shoot the lettering sequence. Kinda like startin' over.

If that wasn't enough, I just got a call from work and it looks like I may be going back on days and no nights or weekend work. That means I can start back playing music too!!! Hooray!!!

I'll still check in from time to time but those "three hour tours" on-line are gonna be just for the passengers of the good ship SS Minnow now. I hope to be back like normal after I get everything put to bed on the projects and get settled down in my new hours but if you need to get in touch with me I can be reached at [email protected] Again, thanks for all the wonderful hours I've spent with you.

So long and NOT goodbye.

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