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r/c in cornwall & j&t international

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well, sat was fun.lol... i really have to pick up the pace if i'm gonna do anything in this points series. :cry:
steve peake is my hero! almost won in cornwall too.
i'm looking fowords to the next race, it should be lots of fun,..
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No Junior your the man. You had the fastest car in Cornwall. I have the sheets and your times stayed the fastest. Like you said you had the moving roadblock holding you up at the start. The points are close but you need to win to stay alive. Your 7 points back of the leader, Ya thats Steve Peake from JT leading the way with Jeremy Dobb and Paul Lalonde just 1 point back Jeff Drimmie is just 1 point back of them in 4th. Remember when the leader comes up on ya with the flaming 9 car just slide high so he can pass you on the inside. lol Seeya buddy. The Donut
hey you j&t guys, i had fun fri. :thumbsup:
75 almost 76 laps!!
those disks in the infield gotta go :drunk:
somebody's gonna get hurt!!
later dudes, junior :devil:
Yes Junior your getting there. Who was the winner anyway? As for those disks I am working on it, hopefully the next time your up they will be gone. Then watch me fly. lol Your buddy, The Donut
then watch everybody fly!!
I watch everyone fly now. To the outside wall. lol
Seeya The Donut
Hey Donut and don't forget that you watch everyone else fly at Cornwall.LOL Just kidding you are really getting quicker at our track it should be a close points battle. Get that car finished ? Later Tiger
Well, I am not up there with you guys, but hopefully someday!!! I also had fun at Jt(Napanee) that Friday. Those cones are hard of gettin' used to, but it'll come soon!!

BTW, when is the next race in Napanee?

Justin #29>"Pan-car Racin' 4 Life!!!"
Hey Justin great job last night. I watched your feature and you had one of the faster cars. Not quite as fast as Ronnie but you kept your nose clean. :thumbsup: It's not always the faster car that wins :mad: Someday you will be up there with us and we will be chassing you.

Paul #3(It's coming out of retirement next weekend)
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Hi Guys, the next race in the series is in Cornwall on the 21st of Feb. Then JT's race is the 29th. It was suppose to be this Sunday but some of you Cornwall guys said you couldn't make it. Don't forget you always chase the Donut when you come to JT. The Donut. lol
Don't worry there Donut, we know! we know! that we chase you at JT. :tongue: But how come you don't talk like that about when you come to Cornwall eh!! :D LOL It's like I always say it's hard to run as good as the local guys at one particular track unless your there everyweek. That's why this is such a fun deal because everybody has to be up on there game at there own tracks and hopefully get some breaks. Your buddy the TIGER
Thanks for the previous comment Tiger(Paul)!!! My moto is "a clean race, is a winning race". I just need to work on my motors a bit more to stay on ronnie's tail in clean races, but all in good time.

So the next race is in cornwall, February 21st, sounds good, I'll be there racin' it up and having fun!!!

The locals always have the advantage, but it's still anybodies game!!!

Justin #29

"Pan-car racin' 4 life"
you said it justin, its always anybody's race!!!
i hope to be that "anybody" in these next two races.. :thumbsup:

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Hey Jr it's time to quit messing around and show that Donut how it's done. :D I resereved a motel today for the 28 to stay over and practice on the saturday because with the notes you got from the last time you were there and almost did 76 this thing could change into our favour. So get ready there Donut to possibly get dethrouned. ;) LOL
Tiger we all know you need the practice at JT. So on the 28th we will let you have the track to your self. That way you will be the fastest guy there. The next time back to Cornwall will be a new ball game. The red rocket will run wild on you. So remember just slide high when the leader is going bye. The Donut.
I see the canuk has joined us lets see what he has to say.
That red rocket of yours better be a rocket there Donut. You will need to do 100 laps to make it, because myself, Jr, Mitch, Theo are doing 100. Last weekend Cory did 99. :thumbsup: In case your math is rusty I'll do it for you that's 5. So that means your out! :cry:
well, you guys are all talk right now, but we'll just have to wait and see who will take it, because anything can happen during race day!!!

Well since I am a Cornwall local RC racer, I am still rooting for our top guys, which are Paul, Junior, and Mitch, but like Tiger(paul) said, there are many other drivers that are picking up the pace, and have a chance of taking it aswell!!!


Justin #29

"Oval racing it up!!"
Your right Justin anything can happen on race day wich is why I'm bringing back out the #3. :devil: But with all kidding asside we are all racers and more importantly FRIENDS. As a racer myself I would like to win as I'm sure Jr does and as well Steve and anyone else who has a chance that's the reason we race. But as long everyone has fun and puts in there best everyone is a winner! :thumbsup:
I couldn't of said it any better!!!

Justin #29
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