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Hey there! My yard sale was cancelled due to rain last week so I am trying to get everything together. I took some advice from the board and I am pricing all cars at $1.00. I have placed them each in a plastic ziploc bag bought at the dollar store to protect them and I am going to gear the sale towards the adult collector.
Would like to know #'s
# of Treasure Hunts ? 12
# of First Editions ? 100+
And what are the different groups of sub collections such WorkCrewsers. Is it 12 with 5 cars each.

How many cars in all and what are the names of the different groups?

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i dont know the answers to all your questions, but here are a few:

Nowadays, most series have 5 cars, they used to have 4. - (some still might)
Treasure Hunt always have had and continue to have 12 cars.
first editions have had a variety:
1995: 12 cars
1996: 12 cars
1997: 12 cars
1998: 40 cars
1999: 36 cars
2000-2003 - i forget
2004: 100 cars.
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