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I'm mostly into cars, but I met someone today with over 100 unbuilt model plane kits. Her Father passed away 2 years ago and she's just been holding onto them. She's had someone from a hobby store come in and offer $300 for the lot, which she turned down. She's considering ebay, but not knowing what they are worth, plus the amount of time to list each and every one, has kept her from doing anything. Some of these appear to be quite old. I didn't have the time to look through them, but one that caught my eye was made my Matchbox.
I didn't know Matchbox made models.
Anyway, do the older kits appreciate in value like some of the model car kits? Is there a price guide or book I can suggest to her for references?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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I know there IS a price guide out there somewhere, 'cause the guy who runs the model club I used to attend had one for when we wanted to sell stuff. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to get one.

One thing you might do is go to www.squadron.com and search for some of the kits she has, see what their current price is (if they're still available), and ebay them for a bit less.
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