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1. Is it cold and snowy where you are?

What is snow? (Pssst, don't say that too loudly. I am enjoying this nearly snow free season so far!)

2. Is there a JL series that you are waiting for this year?


3. What are you drinking at work today?

Just switching from coffee to diet Dr. Pepper.

4. Name somebody who hasent been around HT for a while that you miss

Swifty, Pocketwocket (although he's popped up a couple times recently), and whatever happened to BigJoesDiecast? And of course, modsquad.

5. What is your favorite quote.

You can't have everything, where would you put it?

6. Are you a member of the WLLM?

Of course, over 500 and counting!

7. Who is gonna win the Superbowl? And what is the total points?

Colts and 48 points. 31-17. I'm basing this on absolutely nothing.

Feel free to discuss this amoung yourselves.

The last time I discussed something among myselves, there was a big melee followed by a road trip in an ambulance that I'd rather not discuss....
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