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Lpgeoteacher said:
1. Is it cold and snowy where you are?
Cold, yes. Snow (knocks on wood), not yet

2. Is there a JL series that you are waiting for this year?
Street Freaks. Yeah, I said Street Freaks :tongue:

3. What are you drinking at work today?
Coffee in the AM, water in ther afternoon

4. Name somebody who hasent been around HT for a while that you miss
Some people have either forgotten how hostile other members were at times, or have never been the target of that persons harrasment.

That said, this place sadly misses Swifty, in my opinion.

5. What is your favorite quote.
"Make it happen!"
This was a frequently heard phrase from one of the greatest people I ever worked for, and the best part was that he usually said it in response to an idea you just proposed
;) :hat:

6. Are you a member of the WLLM?
Well, I opened a few 10 packs and set those Whites free.

No, I guess I'm not

7. Who is gonna win the Superbowl? And what is the total points? :thumbsup:
On the one hand, Peyton Manning is really due for a ring ......
..... on the other hand, I hope Rex Grossman is the second coming of Johnny Unitas and Manning's "choke" legacy takes a giant leap forward
(Bitter? no, why do you ask???
:tongue: )

Feel free to discuss this amoung yourselves.

I almost posted a Five Question thread myself this morning (I really miss Matt and the others posting these!)
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