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Question On Hot Wheels

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Hey guys just wondering if there is a on line database that has all of the Hot Wheels made. I am a member of the Hotwheel.com and a couple of others but they are not really much help.
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Hi Diablo_Fire
Have you tried using- http://www.southtexasdiecast.com/hwguide.html
They seem to list them all.

Hey Herold thanks man I am checking it out now.
I don't know if this has as much information as you're after but this one is fun to look around in.


Hey Fresno thank you that offers a lot of great information.
Dave :wave: , Go to Barns & Nobles Book Store and pick up a Tomart Price Guide as you will have pictures and prices to go by from 1968 to what year Tomart you picked up. The prices are not set in stone but you can learn alot from the Tomart Books. Stop by one of the Stores below and thumb through the Collectable Area where they shelf the books and see which one you like as there should be many different company brands to choose from. There should also be a Lees Magazine Price Guide in the magazine area that comes out monthly. You can set up a yearly subsciption with Lees too to have the magazine sent to your home. Check out the Books and Magazines first to see which one fits you best before buying 1 or many.

STD website isn't always the best place as that site is missing many of the older Redlines. Do check out Barns & Nobles... You will see what I am talking about.

If ya have any further ques... You have my #er :p

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Thanks Liv I will do that. I am trying to get all of my collection listed on a spread sheet and some of the hot wheels I have just say something like "ROLLIN THUNDR" for example and give no other information. These are ones that I found loose someplace. The ones that I have added still in the blister pack I now get the information off the cardboard.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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