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Need some help here.
Found a couple Release 7 Drivers 69 GTO Judge today.
There were 2 different colors.
White like this which I bought

And a Blue one which it calls out on the back of the box.
You go to the sight and it shows the white one.
Does anyone know why this is? Is one of them a chase.
Please help.

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I have a blue one from Wave 4. From what I remember the first three Waves were the only ones to have 3 different cars in 2 different colors. After that I think each Wave had 6 different cars. Don't have any answers to your question

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ok, the answer is a printing error, and that comes from sean, the drivers chase for this series is a blue car with blue tires, but simply a printing error, the white is a normal car.The only white chases m2 has done that ive seen are the 4 auto drags.
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