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Question about taking apart a McCulloch weed trimmer

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Hi all,i'm new around here and had a quick question.I've looked all over the web and could'nt find much about McCulloch gas weed trimmers.I was given one thats probably about 10 years old and i'd thought i'd tinker with it.I don't have the model number handy.I was going to remove the filter cover to get to the carb. and it appears to have a unique screw that i've never seen before,not quite a phillips head or allen wrench,does anybody happen to know if i need a special tool to remove them?I can try to post a pic if that would help.Also i was told that McCulloch was out of business,is that true?Just curious.Thank you all for your time and help !
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Your carb is most likely a Zama or Walbro, somewhere in the carb casting is the type and model numbers, sometimes they are very hard to find, the zama might be C1Q or C1U and some numbers however the numbers may be on the other side of the carb almost as if they were written with a lazer, Walbro are similar but not as difficult, usually WT-xxx, both have some great info on their sites under the Service/Aftermarket tabs. Have a good one. Geo

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