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Ques: Wild Card Tow Trucks ??

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Has anyone here ordered & recieved their Wild Card Studebaker Tow Trucks from Milezone.... Milezone said they would be mailed out sometime in May and its getting close too June. I see someone on the Bay has them but no such luck on my end in getting mine. Jus wondering if anyone here recieved theres ??
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I take it no one has recieved there Trucks as 63 people viewed the post and no replies... Maybe the Dealers are 1st inline, then the customers are 2nd
They aren't out yet,the ones on eBay are pre orders
nothing yet here..
These should be hitting your OLD's on or around the 15th of June. I should have them about a week after that.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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