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QSAC Sprint Dirt National

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May 18 & 19 2007
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sprint2b said:
How many do I need I will see if I can get some more made up.

I have one but I can only get it to play on my work laptop. On my home pc there is no sound with the video. I would like to have a copy that can be played on any DVD player.


Belf28 said:
not ready but working on it :)
looking nice Jamie!
Belf28 I have a WCM sprint what all must be changed to lay the motors over like you did in your sprint??
hey sprint2b ...i mount my motor with mounts that are upright, not to a motor plate on the bottom of the car, im sure someone makes mounts that could be used with the motor plate thats welded in your car maybe cat5 mounts?
Hi All,

I have secured sponsorship / door prizes from many 1/4 scale RC (and related) businesses so far for the QSAC Sprint Dirt Oval Nationals. If you would like to donate to this event please contact me. Look for a complete list in the near future.

Thank you,

Scott George
[email protected]
outerware covers

you can get pullstart covers and airfiltercovers at DDM- DAVES DISCOUNT MOTORS they have cheap zenoha motors G230RC. they have shock covers to .the fg size fit my predator sprint car perfect helps keep dirt out of shocks and they look good too.they have great service to .fast delivery.
sheldon 525 - Are you bringing your Predator to the QSAC Sprint Dirt National?

got a few more parts put on the car ,jacobs ladder on the rear & built a front axle got all the mounts made hung the front axle in there. still have to mount the frt & rear shocks .
and finish the front panard bar & steering

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How wide is that right rear tire? Looks almost 6" wide!!!
hey tim the right rear is 4" of tread lol looks wide as heck lol
Looking really good Jamie.

If you ever need a driver let me know. LOL
hehe ...you never know lol ,good job down the snow birds sonny i heard your name alot on the webcast
Belf28 said:
hehe ...you never know lol ,good job down the snow birds sonny i heard your name alot on the webcast

Thanks I have a good time helping Doc out with the radio show. Just about ready for the Indoor season to be over. Can't wait to go play with the big cars again.
Jamie, cars lookin good. I can't wait to get mine. :) I like seeing the jacobs ladder in there. They havent had them on sprinters for sometime now. I still love those red hiems though. I wonder if anyone has any that are not aluminum but are different colors. Oh well keep up the good work can't wait to see that thing in final powder and paint.
im leaning toward flouresent orange chassis with a silver body with orange graphics i think lol
No man, flourescent green :p You can't go wrong with any flour. colors. I wish they still had the chrome plastic wheels. I don't know why they don't have them anymore, especially for the sprinters. How many sprintcars have you seen in real life with black wheels? Anyway they would be cool on the sprint cars but I guess we will have to imagine them.
I like the chrome wheels myself. My wife tells me I live in the past. Moma don't take my coated chrome away!!! :)
Nothing wrong with living in the past. My wife says the same thing. Those were good times. If you did'nt have anything to look back on then you would really have issues.

I just dont understand why they can chrome them anymore. It can't be that much money to get them chromed. I just think the sprinters would look ALOT more realistic if they had them.
61 - 80 of 378 Posts
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