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QSAC Sprint Dirt National

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May 18 & 19 2007
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About two years back, Bob Jefferson sent over a DVD from Aussy to the QSARF with dirt 1/4 scale sprint car action. For whatever reason I could never get it to open in my windows media player. Well, brought it to work, slapped it into my laptop....son of a gun it played! The video shows some great sprint car and sedan racing. Makes me want a sprint car now. I have the need to plow the grass up my side lot and smooth out the dirt....LOL

I like it!!!!!
It takes a 4.7 gb DVD...about 1.5 hr of racing. I can play it on my home PC but no sound.It ain't no fun without sound!!!

I'll see if I can burn one here at work.
That promo on ebay looks to be a bunch of thrown together clips and pics....some not even 1/4 scale. I wonder if QSAC gets any royalties from him using the name?

The girls are interesting!
Is there any stock car chassis being raced on dirt here in the USA that you guys know of? If so, any pics?
I was concerned about the stockcar chassis handling on dirt. Sounds like they do pretty good.

I spent several years racing dirt in full sized cars. No matter what you do there is no way to stop dust from building up and getting into the air flow system. We built shaker screens for the front, filter boxes for the air intake....ect. If you race dirt this is something you learn to deal with.

Todays g/n bodies would need to go under the knife (lexan scissors). I think they could still be used. Cut out the back & windows except the front. Put 'em on a diet!...lol.
No luck here making a copy of the Aussy DVD. Anyone else able to make copies of DVD's?
sprint2b said:
How many do I need I will see if I can get some more made up.

I have one but I can only get it to play on my work laptop. On my home pc there is no sound with the video. I would like to have a copy that can be played on any DVD player.


Belf28 said:
not ready but working on it :)
looking nice Jamie!

How wide is that right rear tire? Looks almost 6" wide!!!
I like the chrome wheels myself. My wife tells me I live in the past. Moma don't take my coated chrome away!!! :)
Scott, Jamie & the rest,

Good luck on the big QSAC DIRT event! Maybe next year the stock cars can play in the dirt while skinned with ECM bodies?

Keep us posted on the fast guys!

This race is gonna be more or less a car show! Sweet rides guys!
1 - 14 of 378 Posts
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