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QSAC Sprint Dirt National

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May 18 & 19 2007
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Being a newbe 1/4 scaler what is the entry fee & do we need to bring our fuel or is it provided? Looking forward to May, are you accepting pre entries? :thumbsup:
This is the original track in Pa. It is located near Pittsburg on the property of famed sprintcar driver Tim Schaffer. The other Pa. track is located north of Allentown.
Scott is there going to be anytime before May we can come out & setup to the track? Being new I could use the track time. Check with Tim see what he says.
Scott we are getting ours lettered next week. Looking to order tires here soon. I hear Tony has another new one on the way. Can't wait come on april.
We had to go run the 1/8 scale offroad last weekend to keep the rust off the joints.. LOL
Where do you get the outerware for over the pull cord? I'm with ya TM I could get into running lates if we can comeup with some kool bodies. You could count my Big boss in on them also. I seen those in austrailia and they look like they have trouble hooking them up. It might be the sedan body that aint producing any down force..
How many do I need I will see if I can get some more made up.
Belf28 I have a WCM sprint what all must be changed to lay the motors over like you did in your sprint??
Hey Jamie is that a 4X8 sheet your using as a sideboard on that car? LOL
Looking good Heeeeee :thumbsup:
Thanks Jamie for the donation now all I need to do is figure out how to win them, LOL Hey Scott what other items are being donated?? :thumbsup:
AHHHH another RED chassis I like it. Keeping the body silver ?? :thumbsup:
Looks good just need some of the motor mount, Like to lay one down in a WCM...
Hey Scott we ran some laps here at the shop today man did that feel good. :p :thumbsup:
Hey scott I have a basketball court here right behind my shop. It is like 3 courts in 1. You can actually get it opened up alittle with a 14/78 on. What a difference the wing makes. I have a pic I would like to add here but they are small and you can't see them when they are up here. What am I missing??
I hear he will be running that bandit at night. :p :thumbsup:
Hey Tony how about flouresent yellow W/hot pink chassis?? My thought for my next one
Hey Scott maybe TnT Graphix might have a spray booth to do bodies next. Cut your body to fit and send it to Md... LOL
I don't mind paining but I don't like to do custom jobs for others because I don't feel I do a good enough job to do others... :thumbsup:
You can count 2 from our end for the 28th...The wait continues,,,,, :freak:
Hey Jamie what happened to the "Silver Bullet" Scott will need to go to the "Black Bandit II" now. LOL
1 - 20 of 378 Posts
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