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QSAC Sprint Dirt National

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May 18 & 19 2007
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Well ive decided to run this event cant wait sounds like its going to be fun :thumbsup: now i just need to build 2 cars.. get a hotel booked ,call Todd @ BRP .. find a sorce for some top and front wings, join QSAC and talk Lance Jones into comming to this race.lol
big maestro said:
Jamie, I'm trying to work it out right now. If you can have another car ready by then, I will try even harder :)
i gota build 2 cars for me! lol ever seen me wheel yet lol.
its to far of a travel to only bring 1 car. i thought you had a torsion bar type sprint car allready ?
ordered my tires yesterday for this event now i just need to build the car lol.
hope you can make this race lance. if your going to buy a car to race the event i might look into a pro1z seems like a great car . and alot of guys run them in that area from what ive seen in pics :thumbsup:
IN2RACIN said:
So, who's got their Sprints ready for this event? I've seen some nice sprints already this year!
not ready but working on it :)

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hey sprint2b ...i mount my motor with mounts that are upright, not to a motor plate on the bottom of the car, im sure someone makes mounts that could be used with the motor plate thats welded in your car maybe cat5 mounts?
got a few more parts put on the car ,jacobs ladder on the rear & built a front axle got all the mounts made hung the front axle in there. still have to mount the frt & rear shocks .
and finish the front panard bar & steering

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hey tim the right rear is 4" of tread lol looks wide as heck lol
hehe ...you never know lol ,good job down the snow birds sonny i heard your name alot on the webcast
im leaning toward flouresent orange chassis with a silver body with orange graphics i think lol
im planning on running wheel covers like a real dirt car on the right side anyway but i like the chrome idea also :thumbsup:
top wing

has anyone ran the top wing mounted to the car with bolts and brackets instead of velcro.
im sure if you flipped it would wreck the wing but im just not keen on the velcro deal what you guys think ?
little more progress 12 weeks till this event the clock is ticking lol

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i went with the max dimentions allowed . i beter talk to the motor guy and get a tune up to pull that thing :wave: LOL
qsac mechanics license

just wondering if a qsac mechanics license will be needed for a crew member for this event.

Note #1: A mechanics license MUST be obtained through a “Licensed To Race” QSAC member. This license will only permit the holder in the “Hot Pit” area, it will not insure him/her to drive a car. The currently licensed QSAC member sponsoring a Mechanic, MUST list their QSAC number below. QSAC Member number sponsoring this Mechanics License____________
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