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Q's Brainchild

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At the request of Triple20 on 1970AMX's thread, I spent some time doing a photo shoot of my 1964 Aston Martin DB5 models. You are forewarned that there are many pics!
Walter's interest was in my Danbury Mint model but I shot other 007 models in my collection. I will start with my 1:24 scale Danbury Mint model. The color is Silver Birch.

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This is a standard DB5 in Dubonnet Red. I simply love the lines of this car!

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Next model is from Minichamps in 1:32 scale. It is very detailed for its size and has many of the working features as the DM model, including rotating license plates.

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Next is a newer release Corgi model in 1:43 scale. This isn't an original #271 model, but it has its own charm.

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Really really cool cars. Thanks for posting them
This is a 1:64 scale Corgi. The bad guy is M.I.A.:(

Here's Johnny.......Lightning, that is. :D

A White Lightning
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Gorgeous models!

I always wonder where there would have been room for power retractable machine guns directly ahead of the front wheels.
I guess only Q knows. :D
Very nice collection. May I add a related photo to your thread?
Great collection Mark. That Danbury Mint car is awesome.
Thanks for the pics!
Very nice collection. May I add a related photo to your thread?
Please join in the fun! :thumbsup:

I'm a sucker for any '64 DB5! :D

After I win the lottery, a 1:1 will be a priority purchase. :thumbsup:
Brilliant collection, mate!
You`re a real gent giving props to Q, I'd let him design a car for me anyday. ;)

Love the dark red one, it would look amazing with a Scottish plaid interior. :eek:

('40s Chrystler New Norker)
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One of my favorite subjects as well. I remember seeing a '64 DB5 in northern New Jersey (Tenafly) back in the late 60's or early 70's parked next to a service station. Left a lasting impression on me.

From my collection:


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Mark, thank you very much for taking the time to shoot all these great pics.That Danbury Mint DB5 is fantastic! I am very fond of it,just love all the details built into that model.
If I ever get a chance to bring one of those home with me for a good price,I'll be jumping on it.

Thank you for the photo shoot,
Walter :)
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