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I ordered mine from one of our club sponsers yesterday. There isn't any hobby store/ toy store on Long Island (New York) that a carries them? Having Thousands of Playing Mantis cars in my collection, I would figure I could get them from Playing Mantis direct? For six months, I ask them for blister pak protectors, and they tell me to go to Hobby-Lobby or Wal-Mart! No Hobby Lobby's in New York, and I have searched my Wal-Marts up and down, and failed to find any. If Playing Mantis had them in Stock, I was prepared to make a hundred dollar total order to get some new cars and not pay shipping with the big total. I guess that order won't happen? If anyone orders from JL in the near future, just ask them if they have the protecto-paks in stock yet! I also ask if they will be selling grab bags soon, but thats the horse of a different color!
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I know Meijers had them on clearance in early spring, $2.98 for 6 pak by Playing Mantis. I bought all they had then. About all used now. LOL:(
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