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I ordered mine from one of our club sponsers yesterday. There isn't any hobby store/ toy store on Long Island (New York) that a carries them? Having Thousands of Playing Mantis cars in my collection, I would figure I could get them from Playing Mantis direct? For six months, I ask them for blister pak protectors, and they tell me to go to Hobby-Lobby or Wal-Mart! No Hobby Lobby's in New York, and I have searched my Wal-Marts up and down, and failed to find any. If Playing Mantis had them in Stock, I was prepared to make a hundred dollar total order to get some new cars and not pay shipping with the big total. I guess that order won't happen? If anyone orders from JL in the near future, just ask them if they have the protecto-paks in stock yet! I also ask if they will be selling grab bags soon, but thats the horse of a different color!
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They were blowing them out around Fest time, I forget what the price was, but it was like 6 for $4 or something like that. Not sure if any of our sponsors have any left or what the prices are, as I don't use the protectors for my collection, only for shipping trades.

I've NEVER seen a JL Protector in a Walmart. In fact, I've only seen brand X protectors in one WM and those were the only ones I've ever seen, and I don't think they even have them in stock any more.
Just an FYI too those JL protectors don't work on the 3D cards, but the Star Wars figure protectors accomodate them just fine, if you can tolerate the unoccupied space on the top since they are taller than the JL cards.

Not sure if them being for sale at Fest time was a sign of unloading them entirely or just reducing inventory.
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