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:confused: To whom it may concern, I have just purchased a "Warp Kit" brand model of the USS Grissom and I'm looking for somesone to do an very accurate airbrush job for my pinnicle of all models I've ever done. I'm not going to light it but I want it to look perfect. Is there anyone who provides this service? Send your cost and details to [email protected]
I want this one to be perfect. I have an airbrush but lack the confidence to do it perfect. My hands shake too much. :confused: Let me know the cost & what reference materials you need to do it right. Thank you for your time & attention. I am suffering health problems so there may be a delay in my responce but don't take it as an indication of lack of intrest. My going in & out of the hospital is what causes the delay. I hope someone can help or direct me to someone who is very good at this.
Thank you so much. Edward L. Baxter III Thank you so muck in advance. I want this to be completetd while I can still appreciate it.
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