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Depends on what your definition of a pre-production WL wants to be. There have been a bevy of them popping up on popular auction sites and handed out at various diecast events. 4 or 5 years ago the red test shots and pre-pros were rare and you had to know someone to get one. Now they can be had for relatively small amounts of money.
There has also been some threads that the pre-pros showing up are nothing more than an underpaid assembly line worker constructing his own "one of a kind" pre-pros and selling for a nice profit.
Regradless, I own some and if they are legit or not really does not matter to me. I like them and am happy with what I have paid. Bottom line it is worth what you or someone else is willing to pay.

Still love this one and the price I paid!!!!

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Welcome to Hobbytalk!!

Sometimes they do White Lightning versions to see what they would look like if they made them. They'll do it a few different ways, then pick one. All the mock ups are the pre-pos. Really neat stuff!!

That Mustang is off the hook!
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