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i did not see a topic so i will make it and be the first to post my specs:

EVGA 680i motherboard
Pentium D950 (waiting for c2d or better yet quads to come down LOL)
raidmax volcano 630 Watt psu
corsair twin2x2048 6400 c4 sli ready memory
2x western digital 320 Gb sata II HDD's
aopen DUal layer DVD burner
zalman 9700 cnpt led HSF (hoping to go watercooled soon)
EVGA 640 Mb 8800 GTS (hoping to add a second for SLI)
floppy drive
(foxconn) casedge diabolic minotaur case

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Dell 400SC: P4 2.4Ghz, 3Gb Ram, Nvidia 6600 256Mb, 20 Gb Boot Drive, 320 Gb Data Drive, XPSP2 - Futuremark 05 - 10,320 default settings ....

Games Played: Il-2 1946, HL2, Guild Wars, Anarchy Online, Making History 2
The Calm and The Storm - WW II Simulator, TacOps v4

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Intel Core 2 6600 - 2400 MHz
2GB Corsair Dominator
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS With 640 MB Memory
OCZ 700w Power Supply
320 GB Seagate HD
18x18x8 Lg DVD-RW w/ Lightscribe
7-1 Card reader

All Packed into a Antec P180B Advanced Super Mid Tower

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DOZERS SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. Custom built case and 800W powersupply
. MSI K9A PLATINUM socket Am2 motherboard
. AMD athlon 6000 dual core 3.0Ghz (overclocked to 3.3Ghz)
. cool master heatsink+fan
. 300G raptor hardrive
. 2G ati crossfire ddr2 ram
. Two x1950pro 512mb graphics cards running in crossfire mode. (overclocked)
. 20inch lcd monitor
. xtreme blaster surround sound
. x3 120mm exhaust fans
. x3 120mm intake fans
. x4 120mm side vent fans

my computer was designed for gaming, especially playing GHOST RECON ADVANCED WARFIGHTER, 90 - 100 FPS no matter what! i was planning to go for two 8800gtx insted of the 1950pro but their is not much between them when overclocked. any questions just post :)


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Well the PC specs are always changing, but for the actual hardware:

Ultra X3 1000W PSU
LIAN Li 3-Bay Hard Driver cooler / silencer + 120mm Case Air intake Fan
Ultra Full Tower Case (GOLD)
ZalMan CPU cooler
6 silent 80mm case FANS
FrozenPC sound mat
Dual Cold Cathode Lights
Every Cable is sleeved and UV reactive then routed to to increase airflow.
My Dual Graphic Cards have Artic Cooling VPU coolers
Copper Heat Spreaders on the DDR2 Ram.
Case never goes above 35 degrees, CPU 45degrees, Video 48degrees even when overclocked

There system is quiet, but there is engouh suction on the front intake side to hold up a piece of copy paper on the LianLi cooler.
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