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Polar Lights Original Enterprise Kit

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Hi everyone!

My Wife gave me the Polar Lights Original Enterprise snap kit for Christmas last year. I still have it, unassembled.

Over the past week we were on vacation in Simi Valley, California to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (what a BEAUTIFUL place. It was a very moving experience.).

We had gone shopping the day before and I picked up another of the PL Original Enterprise kits to slap together in the Hotel during the evening, just to see how it all fit together, before I build the one my Wife gave me.

I spent about an hour and a half assembling the kit, and everything seems to go together pretty well EXCEPT for the NACELLE attachment! The Nacelles dont 'snap' onto the pylon supports at all. I tried and tried to get them to stay in postion, and I FINALLY got ONE to stay put, but the other one just would not go. All it would do is fall off. I almost broke the plastic trying to get the thing to stay put.
Now I know that this kit is best assembled with glue and finished properly, but I did not have any of the supplies in the room. All I had was the 'snap' kit, and it seems to me that all the parts should go together!
Anyway, has had anyone else had this problem with the nacelle fitting?

Thanks all!

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I think the question has been answered. Time to move on to the next tangent. ;)
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