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Hi folks! Dropping in from the models forums with a question. A friend wants me to repaint a die cast car for him. I'm wondering if I can use good ol' testors plastic enamel, or do I need to go get real car paint? And is there any extra prep I need to do, or can I just paint right over the existing finish?

Hi John,
Testors, ModelMaster, Tamiya, even cheap Aerosol products from Walmart were some of the first paints I used for Customizing Diecast.
I use HOK automotive paints for a number of reasons but you can paint a Diecast car with just about anything you can find.

To answer your question if you can just paint right over the existing finish, yes, you can.
But, you will need to scuff up the finish using either 400 sandpaper or Scotchbrite pad to give the surface a little texture for your paint to adhere to.

Painting Diecast is like anything else, you can take the process to any limit you wish or do it as simply as you care to.

Here's a link to a list of some of my Customizing Tutorials where you will find tips for body prep.


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