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I recently came across somthing called "Plastic Enamel" paint, made by a company called Valspar.
It supposedly "bonds to plastic," and is advertised for things such as PVC, casting resin, and items such as patio furniture, planters, mailboxes, etc.
Has anyone heard of this stuff and whether it might be good for styrene?
I shot some onto a scrap car body and it came out a bit "orange peely," but that might because it was a bit chilly in the house (I hardly used it under controlled conditions!) But it seems pretty tough. It's an hour after I sprayed it and it resists scraping with my fingernail.
I haven't tested it under better conditions or tried to see if turp or mineral spirits would affect it. But I'm wondering if anyone else has tried it.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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