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PL NX-01 DONE!!! finally

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Hi all,

I finally finished this very large, beautiful model. Take a view and, as always, all comments welcome...good or bad.


NX-01 PAGE 1http://hometown.aol.com/captspry/page32.html
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Superb work !! Great photos also. : :thumbsup:
Lookin' good!
Great job!
Nacelles are straight, paint pattern looks incredible!:thumbsup:
Did you use the templates for that or did you do it the old fashioned way of focus and determination?
Holy Azteck! That looks great! You may not be totally happy with it, but I sure would be! And what's even more impressive is that the azteck is all decals! I think you're a first for that trick. What did you do to the inside of the bussards? They look "swirly".
Fantastic, the 'double aztecking' is wonderful! FT
Totally unbelievable work!! Truly fantastic!! I'm almost afraid to even tackle this monster after seeing some of these that you other guys are doing, especially this one! WOW!

WOW! As others have said, great work on the bussard domes... the aztec decals look awesome as well.
Thank you all for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

Everyone keeps asking me how I "achieved" the effect for the bussard collectors. I wish I could take credit for it, but you will have to praise the designer of the kit. All I did was put a light behind the pieces the come with the kit. It is made to give it a nice effect.

The biggest challenge was straightening the nacelles. After alot of patience and putty...they are now straight.

Captain, Beautyful work!!! Great pictures too. Great job!!
PLEASE send me a message and let me know where you found those fabulous decals on line.
I've seen 3 different ways of Azteking but I think yours is the best!
Please send the info to [email protected] at your convience.
Once again Cudos to you my friend! Eddie Baxter
Very nice job,Please mention where you got those decals for the aztec pattern.If mine turns out half as good as yours,I'll be happy,Thanks,Guy Schlicter.
How did you straighten out your nacelles? Did you alter the pylons? How?
charonjr said:
How did you straighten out your nacelles?
:eek: Can we talk about that kind of stuff here?!?! :eek:
The decals are simply resized, and in some areas, slightly modified version of the Art Asylum pattern that I got off their website. Sorry, I dont have the link and I am having a heck of a time finding them on my computer...but I am searching.

To make the nacellels straight, I did no modifications to the pylons themselves. I did cut off the connecty thingys (that is the technical term) to put the two halves of the "engineering" area together, because I noticed that if you use those, the alignment is even worse. However, after doint that they still were not straight. So what I did was put a tad of glue on to where the nacelles connect to the pylons, line the nacelles up by site, and precariously balanced them using whatever was available to hold them in place, then added more glue. Then when they dried there WERE gaps which I filled in with putty which also helped keep them sturdy onto the plyons after it dried. After sanding and re-painting, it turned out as you see.

I hope that made some sense. I basically just did a hit and miss to see what would work and went from there.
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