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PL 1/4 Scale Bowen Wolfman

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*** Edited*** See post #2

MMM :cool: :thumbsup: :wave:
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Update thanks to Phrankenstign's website....I don't know what the total run of kits was.....60 days was all it said on his website?
Are there anyone else who's name needs to be added to this list with a number from Certificate of Authenticity?

Pretty Cool!



There were 500 kits packed as four kits per master carton.
The kit numbers were randomly distributed in those 125 master cartons.

UPDATED INFO as of 2/04/11:

#001,#002,#004,#005 are not yet confirmed.

#0-001 Thomas E. Lowe - President and Founder Playing Mantis
#0-002 Thomas E. Lowe - President and Founder Playing Mantis
#0-004 Randy Bowen - Sculpter (credited as "Sculpter" on the Certificate of Authenticity)
#0-005 The Chaney Estate - Chaney Enterprises
#0-006 Phrankenstign
#0-007 Phrankenstign
#0-008 Phrankenstign
#0-010 13x5x2 Nostalgian
#0-022 Gerry-Lynn
#0-029 The Forgotten
#0-047 Duck Fink (No COA)
#0-057 Stoney-VA (No COA)
#0-087 Thunder Hawk
#0-086 Duck Fink (No COA)
#0-088 lcummins
#0-101 Solcar23
#0-107 Dave Metzner - Polar Lights Brand Manager Playing Mantis
#0-117 Thunder Hawk
#0-120 Thunder Hawk
#0-131 Duck Fink (No COA)
#0-151 fjimi - Jim Roberts
#0-185 lcummins
#0-197 lonfan
#0-213 Duck Fink (No COA)
#0-214 Duck Fink (No COA)
#0-216 Duck Fink (No COA)
#0-239 Phrankenstign
#0-248 drage0503 (ebay moniker)
#0-256 dreamer
#0-273 Dave Metzner - Polar Lights Brand Manager Playing Mantis
#0-281 Wilkster
#0-290 Wolfman66 (No COA)
#0-292 lcummins
#0-301 Thunder Hawk
#0-320 Chuck
#0-334 IanWilkinson
#0-376 septimuspretori (No COA)
#0-387 MonsterModelMan
#0-419 The Forgotten
#0-429 XactoHazzard
#0-434 FLKitbuilder
#0-482 Phrankenstign
#0-483 Karl Kolchak
#0-488 Dr. Syn
#0-498 kreugie
#0-499 Cruzilla69 (No COA)
#0-500 Duck Fink
#0-??? aurora fan - built kit but does not have box or COA
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Where are you guys getting this information?!
I can tell you that at least one entry is wrong. :eek:
I happen to have two 1:4 scale Wolf Man kits.
Neither kit is number 003! :confused:
For what it's worth they are #107 & #273!

The run was 500 kits and there is no list of who has which number.

Thanks Dave...it just goes to show everyone that you can't believe everything you read on the internet but I know that it wasn't posted on his website wrong on purpose.

Phrankenstign...buddy...you need to get your site updated....!You got some bogus info from someone.

I,at least, found out that there was 500 kits in the run. That was helpful info! That's roughly 8.33 kits per day for 60 days!

It will be a bigger task now that I know there is 500 kits around somewhere.....globally!!!!yikes! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Quick, check your kits and post your number.....we'll find em' if they are BB'ers at least! This could be impossible!

I'll tell you where I got the information I posted on my web-site. I got it from Tom (bwain) Parker. He sold me #0-006. He told me he bought it at one of the first warehouse sales. He told me Lisa Greco mentioned to him how the lowest numbers got distributed. Either she made the mistake, Tom made the mistake, or he embellished the story. Either way, I'll correct what I have on my web-site. I'm sorry about the error! I didn't purposefully try to mislead anyone!

Now I wonder who REALLY got #3......
Are there any still available? Or are they all long gone?
They are still availible, he says with a grin.

You wouldn't happen to know where, would you Steve?

James ;)
guys , i saw one last year at Hobbytown USA so there are some still floatin' around .
i'm still kicking myself for not picking it up when i first saw it ( it was gone when i went back :-( )
Hey Phrank,
I know you didn't mean to mislead anybody. You just got some shaky info.
I'm here to tell you Lisa could not have known where the "low numbered" kits went exactly. I didn't even know that!
There were 500 kits packed as four kits per master carton.
The kit numbers were randomly distributed in those 125 master cartons.
To the best of my knowledge, nobody knew where any one number was in the shipment. (it is possible that the four lowest numbers were in a single box), but I doubt it.
I do not know if Tom Lowe has #001 & #002 or not. I'm guessing that he has several kits stuck away and might have the real low numbers.
I know with certainty, that kit numbers were randomly mixed throughout the shipment.

This is something we can just refer to as the legend of the Numbered Wolf Man kits. No harm done!

If I find out anything different I promise that I'll let you know.

And for those of you out there who don't have one of these kits yet....you need to get busy because we no longer have any here.
Cult TV Man has some to sell I'm sure, and there are several other guys with stock on hand - I'll bet that Thunderhawk (George Boyd) has some stashed away too that he'd be just tickled to sell.
Doll and Hobby may also have some in inventory.

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Hey Dave,
I managed to acquire three of the kits, but none of mine came with the COA's. The seller got them at the warehouse sell, year before last, and said they came that way in an unopened case. Are there any COA's floating around over at PM HQ?

And MMM, if you're starting a list, I have 88, 185 and 292. :thumbsup:


You made the list!


Would you, could you check with Tom about his numbers?



MMM :wave: :thumbsup: ;)
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You like me! You really like me...

I'd like to thank my manager and my parents and my neighbor... wait, stop the music, I've got more people to thank... :lol:

Seriously though, thanks MMM for the help on the COA's.

Anyone else have numbers that they want added to this list?
They are stamped on the side of the box.

MMM :wave:
Anyone else have any numbers to report? I'll be glad to add you to the list. I know that wolfman42 has this kit built. Maybe he threw away his box and has no certificate. I'll make up a number for you Mark...if you'd like! ;)

MMM :wave:
I have kit 0-010 bought at Wonderfest 1998, still sealed, MIB. Yeah, I know and I have no excuse.
Hey Triple-M.......May I add your name to my web-site under "Acknowledgements" for your help correcting my error?

Please e-mail me to let me know......As you may have seen, I have a person's real name listed alongside their PLBB name.
13x5x2 Nostalgian,

You made the list! :thumbsup:

Phrankenstign, I sent you an e-mail!

Anyone else like to register their PL 1/4 scale Wolfman kits?

MMM :cool: :dude:
You can add me. I've got:

  • 0-006
  • 0-007
  • 0-008
  • 0-239
  • 0-482

Got you added to the list!

MMM :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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