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Based in Mississauga, Ontario, PK Douglass marketed Zylmex castings in Canada.

In the 1970s, they issued "Dynawheels". The Commercial vehicles were called "Dyna Mights" instead of "Dyna Mites".

In the 1980s, other Zee Toys and Zylmex cars were available in "Wild Cars", "Dyna-mites", "Grippers Dynawheels", "Super Hots" and "Super Dragsters".

Another interesting line was simply called "Super". More than likely sourced from Faie they include 4 previous Hot Wheels castings - the '37 Bugatt, '35 Caddy, '31 Doozie and a Mercedes 540 K model.

PK Toys is most likely the same as PK Douglass and they marketed Summer "Motor Force" castings in window box packages.

Sourced references -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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