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Hello All!!
Well our second race of the season is in the books. Before I get to the good stuff, I have to tell everyone about how we arrived at the track only to find it totally dark. The high winds in southern Mi. knocked out the power, and being a sat. afternoon, and out in a rural area, the odds of getting power back were slim. After an hour of sitting in darkness, somebody went back home, and got a generator. I did not get the name of this person, but you saved race night, and for that we are grateful. YOU Da MAN!! :thumbsup:
One more thing, before I post the results, I want to give props to a young and VERY talented driver, Brandon Casey. I noticed his skills last year. This year he is spankin' everyone's backside with a sweet little gold Ford J, that just flies around the track. I think he will be a major force to contend with.
O.K., with that being said, let's get to the good stuff. We would have had 13 drivers, but to make things easier, track owner Dave Simons sat out. Which gave us our two groups of six. Top Qualifier was...... Brandon Casey with a smokin' 7.569. Get used to hearing that name. Next was John Sell with a 7.817, and then Brian Morse with a 7.825. Those are some good times guys!
Winners in the heat races were Brian Morse of the "A" group w/209 laps and a best lap of 7.881. Winner of the "B" group, was Tim Toliver w/ 166 laps, and a best lap of 8.843. I believe he was part of a group that came all the way from Taylor Mi.
The feature race was won by Brian Morse, w/ 213 laps. Second place went to John Sell, w/ 210 laps, who by the way had a best lap of 7.400!!!."WOW" :eek: A very respectable third went to... Brandon Casey, w/ 206 laps and a best lap of 7.655. Congrats to Steve Clark, aka Carp who made the feature, and took fourth place, w/205 laps,( a personal best ) and a best lap of 7.795. Nice driving Steve! Fifth place went to Brian Hughes w/ 200 laps, and get this, a best lap of 7.408!!! I think you've got a good car there buddy. And finally, after running in only four of the six lanes, my controller was literally falling apart during the race, leaving me with only the choice of 3/4, or full throttle.To save aggrevation, and the possibilitly of ruining something, along with the fact I had no possiblity of catching anyone, I opted to set out the rest of the race, as I had John Sell on one side of me, and Brian Morse on the other. This allowed them to have a little room, and they had a great race. I went home satisfied with a sixth place, and happy nothing was destroyed. I live to race another day!!
I hope to see everyone next week. Racing starts at 2:00pm for T-Jets, and the new magna-traction/X-traction league is immediately afterwards. Maybe someone from that league could post those race results. :wave: Terry
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