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Hello All!!
Here we go, the 2004-2005 season is underway!! And what a good start it was! We had 19 racers show for our first event of the season. Nice to see such a large turnout. It was great to see all the old gang, and some new faces as well. We had a special guest racer with us this week, Moe of "Moe's raceway in Fremont". It was fun having him with us, as we watched him give Dave a hard time all night.
O.K., now for the good stuff. Qualifing took nearly an hour, but when the dust had settled, John Sell was our TQ with a hot lap of 7.595, followed by Moe w/ 8.008, and Brian Morse w/ a 8.035.
Due to the addition of the Magnatraction/X-traction league, we did not run a feature this week, much to the dismay of several racers, including myself. Afterwards a drivers meeting was held. We discussed the issue, and it was decided that we will go back to having a feature. But, in order to still have time for a feature and the MT/XT league, start time will be bumped up to 2:00.
Two round robins made up the heat races. the winner for the night was Brian Morse, from the "A" group w/ 205 laps. Second place was taken by John Sell also in the "A" group w/ 202. Track owner, and "A" group racer Dave Simons took third. Fourth was taken by a young driver, Brandon Casey from the "B" group w/ 200 laps even. Good Job!! :thumbsup: Fifth position was taken by myself("A" group), with 199 laps. And filling the sixth position was our good friend "Moose"( also in the "A" group). Another great night of racing at the "Old Schoolhouse".
Moose, I want to say "Thanks" for the great deal on another Faller 911 Porsche, and the two other great bodies. Look for the old Red 911 to make an appearance later this year. We will see you on the 13th of next month.
To everyone else, come check us out, new drivers are always welcome! Have a great week everyone!! :wave: Terry
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