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In 1967 Dunbartonshire Police purchased two Hillman Imps - built in Linwood, Scotland. The cars were to be used as escort vehicles for slow moving abnormal loads.

In the early '60s, the Chief Constable of Lancashire Police, had come up with the idea of Panda cars, to make them easily identifiable as police cars, as previousy, most UK police vehicles were plain black. They were modelled on US black & white police cars, hence "Panda". However, for some reason, the UK versions were usually blue & white......

Of course, there was the additional cost of repainting the cars, but, being canny Scots, the Dunbartonshire force bought one blue car & one white car, then they swapped the doors, bonnets & boot lids (does a rear engined car have a boot?) and hey presto, after adding lights horns and signs, two Panda cars.

The models are by Vanguards, the Imp being one of their earlier castings, although, this set was released after the Corgi takeover & benefited from some detail improvements, such as photoetched wipers & jewelled headlights.

Oh, Pinky & Perky? They were a couple of charactors from a UK children's TV programme - two pigs - after whom the cars were nicknamed.


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