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It looks like work is progressing on Moebius's deluxe Dracula kit and it looks great. He is holding the victim and there is more to the base on the right side with a column added. Finally he added a bat coming off the wall just like I had done with my original build using an Aurora monster customizing kit bat. I'll definitely be buying this one. Frank also posted some updates on the Moebius Facebook page for the year. Here is the Drac picture.


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Alright, alright. I've almost pushed the purchase button, so many times now on the earlier version I keep seeing for about $25 on the Amazon.

I, too, am glad I waited as this looks amazing. But for me, the killer is WHEN? Do we have any idea as to the release (give or take a stardate or two)? Waiting for these kits, including that Bride of Frankster is reallllllly tough!! Like a kid anxious for an xmas morning, but never knowing what month or year Christmas arrives.

MrMurph -- or anyone else, do you have a link to a pic of the former art? (The gal lying at the feet.) I missed that on the first round and for giggles, would dig a gander.

I very seldom build styrene. Once I discovered resin, it just keeps calling me, man. But, both this Drac and BOF, are easily in the "must-have" category's.

Hurry, Santa. Don't be late.
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