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The diorama base and the three garages are in 1:43rd scale and were constructed from scratch by my brother-in-law Richard Brady.

The Wolseley is a Lansdowne LDM 70 that has been refinished by John Roberts. John painted the model in two-tone colours of Off White and Island Green with a cream and tan interior.

Omen Miniatures provided the mechanic figure and he fits well with John's Wolseley.

This is a Vanguard Austin Cambridge. This was the first of the new Chinese built models and was issued in 2000. The boy carrying the ball is one from the Preiser range and comes in a set.

An interior shot of the central garage.

This is a very nicely detailed cat again from Omen Miniatures. Don't forget this cat is 1:43rd scale!

All photographs were taken with a DSLR mounted on a tripod. Two flashguns were used. One gun set on remote faced away from the diorama with the light bounced off a white card. The other gun was hand held over the diorama. This was connected to the camera via a cord. The light bounced off a white lid.

Cheers Chris
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