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Ok gang...
Here is a picture comparision of 4 different copper Tjet pick up shoes.
Based on the picture below I will give the following description of the shoes.
Note! I did not become so anal as to break out my micrometers to measure width, length and thickness of the various shoes. (But that doesn't mean I won't...)
  • The Slottech shoe (top) is the new entry in the pick up shoe selection. Long contact patch, pronounced stock style step.
  • The BSRT shoe (second) seems to be thinner copper and has a very shallow step. The shallow step helps with lowered chassis.
  • The American Line shoe. Long time replacement for an Aurora shoe. Has squared off ends on rear hangar.
  • Aurora stock shoe.

The next picture shoes the front of the shoe.
  • The Slottech shoe (top) has a narrower (?) and shorter opening on the front of the shoe to limit travel and side to side play.
  • BSRT shoe (2nd), copy of Aurora style
  • American Line shoe (3rd), copy of Aurora style
  • Aurora stock shoe (bottom)


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Hi Ed, Most shoes have some sort of step and thereby limits the contact patch. Skis dont. A large contact area helps with hot dog stuff. Due to the huge footprint, they can really drag a car down if not properly tuned; especially when over sprung. Dont the Xtractions all come with skis nowdays?
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