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i have a picco max.21 that has about a half gallon of fuel through it and im having major problems. The thing ran beautiful one day and started and stalled over and over again the next. i noticed that the front bearing while blowing into the carb lets alot of air pass through, is this a problem?

i have tried having 2 hobby shops and neumoerous nitro guys try and get it running and tuned in but noone knows whats wrong. it starts and stalls, then when we get it running, it just has no power and stalls about mid throttle. then when ya do get going a little bit it gets this rapid irratic idle. The local hobby guy said the bearing shouldnt leak as much as it does. any suggestions?

i run odonnel 20% and have tried many new plugs, MC8's. tried a new fuel tank and lines, cleaned the carb good with no results. i can get it to run but only slow speeds and it will bog down and die out at fast throttle or WOT. Thanks, Mike
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