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Peoria Il Dirt Oval

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Coming soon to Peoria Il, next to Detweiller Golf Course, outdoor Dirt oval and offroad.

Rivercity raceway.


check it out or contact me directly at

[email protected]
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Let me know when the river drops. Ive got latemodels edms and sprinters. I can kill 2 birds with the track being close to my moms house.
heck yeah another track, im minutes from peoria, i can be there all the time, latemodel and sprints!
OH YEAH, another oval track in the midwest and I've got a latmodel! Hey Wolfman, do you have any rules yet for the oval, in terms of what kinds of batteries the track allows, since i've been running Li-po for the last year. Just let me know.
We have a meeting Monday night, will be discussing rules package.

Mr.Wolfman said:
We have a meeting Monday night, will be discussing rules package.

I vote Sprint Cars 22 lb's - 23cc motor limit with a 9mm carb. :D

and free coco in the morning.
Was that free KOKO?? Hey wolfie how was that meeting? We want to know were to race this summer. Down south is lookin meek..
jenzorace there is clay oval in back of grand prarie mall across from rave theater
so wolfman any word on whats goin on?? needin to know whats goin on in my backyard?
Looks like there is a race this sunday. Im thinkin about goin, dont know if any oval racers will be there.
Working on the track this weekend.

With the wet weather the club has not been able to work on the track.

I do not see a problem with LiPos as long as the car makes weight, which is the only thing that Open Mod Sprints should need have to adhere to. as long as wings and add ons do not become an isue.

Sonny, the track might be a little tight for that quarter pounder, but Ill bring Coco just for you......
OOOpps i should have read your post. Went there this morning. Track looks good. May 6th is 1rst race?
I am hoping to buy a cw car here soon, and since i am moving to peoria. I wll definetly be there to race once I get my car.
Still pretty wet, but plan on doing some banking work this week.
wolfman whats the size of the track going to be?? runline?? is it going to be ready by the may 6th race??
Will not know runline until after the banking work is done.

and I do plan on being done for May 6 opening.

bring a friend
good deal, i will be there on the 6th! and i will bring all the people i can find! jenzo you ready to race, bring the sprinter and LM i have them ready to roll!
1 - 20 of 84 Posts
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