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People in Boston never could drive

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These all happened in and around Boston, from the Boston Public Library collection:

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Great collection of old pics. Some of those older cars didn't fare so well in wrecks.
Excellent quality photographs.

The crumple period. Not quite the golden age of the automobile.
And that was just one afternoon in Boston...

Ya know, aroun' heah we Bawstin drivahs know howda drive - ya use tha gas and tha hawn. Awl those crashes happentwen awl those outtah statahs come in an mess up thu whole damm apple caht...

Those photos are wonderful, PW. I spent an hour or so in the yesteryears of Bawstin! The photographer, Leslie Jones was an artist and was a photographer for the Boston Herald for nearly 40 years. I have a couple of Boston history books that feature his photos. Here is a link to his photo work archived at the Boston Public library:

I was struck by the numbers of people who gathered at each crash making them somewhat into social events. I noticed how Jones was able to get the crowd and the police to stand in formal poses. I was interested to see on the overturned Mack truck how the rear differential connected the chains driving the rear axle - the forerunner of positraction! I also noticed how many of the wrecked cars and trucks had bald tires. Having spent a lifetime in the Boston area it was interesting to see how so many of the areas and buildings in the background still exist.

Thanks for sharing those, PW... :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Coffins on wheels!!!
Before safety glass, those old cars would slice you to bits.

Them cahs is all stove-up wicked hahd!
Ten points for every tufted leather barcalounger seat you can spot that flew out of the car on impact.
The Boston area is the only place I have seen people back down a highway ramp during rush hour because they changed their minds!
Cool pics, thx for sharing. Couple of really nice cars there, that would have made great hot rods!
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