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And that was just one afternoon in Boston...

Ya know, aroun' heah we Bawstin drivahs know howda drive - ya use tha gas and tha hawn. Awl those crashes happentwen awl those outtah statahs come in an mess up thu whole damm apple caht...

Those photos are wonderful, PW. I spent an hour or so in the yesteryears of Bawstin! The photographer, Leslie Jones was an artist and was a photographer for the Boston Herald for nearly 40 years. I have a couple of Boston history books that feature his photos. Here is a link to his photo work archived at the Boston Public library:

I was struck by the numbers of people who gathered at each crash making them somewhat into social events. I noticed how Jones was able to get the crowd and the police to stand in formal poses. I was interested to see on the overturned Mack truck how the rear differential connected the chains driving the rear axle - the forerunner of positraction! I also noticed how many of the wrecked cars and trucks had bald tires. Having spent a lifetime in the Boston area it was interesting to see how so many of the areas and buildings in the background still exist.

Thanks for sharing those, PW... :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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