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I don't think I've posted this here yet, at the HobbyTalk Modeling Forum - (With me, in general being a lurker here, I'm trying to shed my anti-social modeling tendencies, and "join the party.") Laughing

Anyway, this is a S.F.3.D./Nitto Krote conversion project a buddy of mine (Paul Keefe) did several years ago. After much badgering on my part, I was finally able to get associated pictures, along with an outline of his build/conversion from him, and put this review together: http://www.scififantmodmadrealm.com/PaulsKrote-1.html .

(Paul has an associated Blog at: http://paulkeefesblog.blogspot.com/, which has additional work he's done).

Happy Reading!
- Tony

("Do or do not! There is no try.")

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