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patriotic themed JL idea

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have no idea if this idea has been mentioned before
i was thinking it would be cool to see JL do some red,white,and blue themed cars...flag images, or some with an eagle on them
maybe even some kind of 9/11 tribute...NYFD or something
this coming from an american view point mind you
anyways, just my thought
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They've already done quite a few. Including a 4 car 'patriotic puzzle' set that was avail from JL directly. There are many single blister partriotic/RWB theme JL's still on the market.
oh, well never mind my idea...another waste of a post
Have you seen the American Glory series cars?
American Glory Hummer

Something like this????? :devil:

Streat Freak American Glory Hummer

The Tornado Also from the SF American Glory series

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American Glory cars are packed as part of the Street Freaks mixed-case packs, generally one car per inner of 12. American Glory was its own series in 2003.

The REAL patriotic move, which would be impossible and unsaleable, would be to actually make the cars in USA. Never gonna happen, sadly.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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