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I am starting to get into more complicated paint jobs and my first one where i had to tape up some paint bleded thru it, what can i do to fix it? for next time what kind of tape should i use and how long should it dry before i take it up, note im using spray cans not a airbrushe...yet. Thanks

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Hey MiniCup, got your PM,
If you've encountered a little bleed under it can be fixed.
Place just a couple of drops of Paint Thinner in a Bottle Cap.
Soak the tip of a toothpick thoroughly in the Paint Thinner, then dab it to a paper towel to allow the excess to leech off.
Now just use the dampened tip to erase any overspray with a gentle back and forth motion and very slight pressure.
As you see color being soaked up by the Toothpick, wipe the toothpick off and resoak.
Blot the spot clean where paint is being loosened or dissolved.
If you just have some slight overspray in the middle of a section then use a Q-Tip that is squeezed free of excess Paint Thinner.
Using a Toothpick to clean up an edge allows you to be precise and clean up one side without messing up the other.

If the mistake is too big then just strip it and start over.

When you do a tape job and your paint dries. drag a folded corner of 600 sandpaper over the edge where one color meets another.
This will smooth down any edge buildup and clean up the job before Clearcoating.

Always check your tape jobs just before you begin to paint.
Sometimes tape will loosen or you may notice that you could have done a better job in taping.

I remove tape right after painting and this is why I have built secure paint stands, to hold the casting while pulling on the tape.
If you see a small mistake in bleed under or overspray it is best to attack it as soon as possible.
It's easier to remove a mistake before the paint completely cures.

I use only Tamiya Masking Tape, see my "CadillacPat's Customizing Tutorials and Tips" list of links.
I've got a link there to Hobbylinc.com where I buy Tamiya Masking Tape in bulk.


You can as a second choice use Green 3m Premium Automotive Tape from AutoZone.
It is however more adhesive and does not come with the same sharp clean straight edge that Tamiya does.
Make sure you have sanded and rubbed down the raw casting with #3 Steel Wool and primed well to give your paint the adhesion it will need during tape removal.
This info is also in my Tutorial List of links.

Anything else??

--CadillacPat the UnCustomizer--
Keeping the ZING in CustomiZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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