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Paint for the 18" TOS Enterprise/pl E. & D-7

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I used Krylon High gloss (for weathering purposes) Pewter grey gloss #1606
Just green enough and just grey enough for the TOS Enterprise 1701
I used the color suggestions on Culttvman's sight and had some made up at the local paint store. I was more happy with the Spray paint on the 18" and PL versions. The suggested color is quite green-concrete-grey and looks good on the 22" but I'm no expert. I tried all sorts of colors before I pinned it down. I hope this hepls someone.
As for the PL D-7, the instrustions seem to be giving us a visionary color scheme. I have yet to see a screenshot where it's drastically multi-colored or notably other than all grey. Am I wrong? I've seen the models on display and the model Jein makes for $5000.00 based off the filming model for the show. GREY, all grey.
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I've used the pewter gray as well and was very happy with it. I've only painted my PL Enterprise 2nd pilot version and I can't wait to use it on my 18" E under construction. The nice thing too about it being high gloss is it helps with decal application, the PL E decals are really thick and I had a hard time preventing them from "silvering" on the first kit I put together. Used a primer gray on it, and it turned out ok, but the one I'm building now with the pewter gray looks much better.
I've used Pewter Gray on the desktop D7 and then weathered and highlighted with oils. It turned out really well I think and definitely easy to work with!
I also used an army camoflague "Compact" I had left over from my military days. It's like make-up for killing people and breaking things. I applied with both a coarse brush and a Q-tip, mixing the colors as I went. It's an oil based paint stuff that works well with the flat finish in smudging or as streaks on the gloss.
It dries in a few days but is reallt easy to use and comes in many colors. Hunter camo is a bit "Wetter" and I didn't like it. I like also a colored pencil and masking tape rather than applying the decal red lines. It looks better and you don't have to worry about mistakes, it cleans with thinner like the camo make up.
Also, why hasn't anyone I've seen mentioned ever, that a No. 2 Pencil at different sharpnesses is the worlds best detailer. You can hold it flat and highlight raised lines, sharpen it and do resessed lines. If used on a flat paint it'll look like a dark metal when used copiously or hard along edges, makes it look like the paint was weathered away to reveal the metal. I LOVE THE PENCIL!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who liked the color. I litterally took months compareing all the choices both pre-mixed & color chips. I'd see a color out on a drive and think "That's the color" I'd rush to a paint store and see what I could find. I live in the boonies so selection is slim and the distances not. I'm glad I waited and when I did find it, I went back the next day and bought all they had. No telling when the next buggy will be bringing in supplies from the colonies.
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I used gloss gull grey on the first Enterprise I did. Looks OK, but a little dark for my taste. Used MM Acryl Thayer Blue on the scout I did. Lighter, but still a bit blue. (I know, I know, if it says "blue" on the label, it's gonna be blue! :rolleyes: ) For my tug, when I get to it, I'm looking at MM Acryl Bulkhead Grey. We'll see what happens with that. Haven't gotten to the D-7 yet.
I think you'll like the Krylon Pewter gloss grey. It's almost perfect under most lights.
Is it the the closest to the actual color of the original TOS Enterprise? Do you think back then they would have used it if the paint color were available?
I don't know but for the 18" model, to me it works well.
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