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If you are painting a plastic model where the paint goes on the outside of the model body, you want to apply the base coat or primer coat first. You could call it a backer because it will be on the "back" of the color that you will see.

When we paint clear lexan bodies for R/C cars, we basically paint in reverse order on the inside of the body shell. If you are painting a solid candy red R/C body, you would paint the candy red color first on the inside of the body. Usually with transparent paints you will use multiple coats of paint to achieve an even look. Even with multiple coats of candy red paint, it will still appear transparent. To achieve a better result you then paint spray a backing color over the candy red. Again, this is from inside of the R/C lexan body.

Depending on the result you are trying to achieve, you can back candy colors with silver, black, white or any color of your choice. It is best to follow the paint manufacturers recommendation if you are new. The biggest thing to remember is on R/C lexan bodies (clear plastic) is that you paint on the inside.

Here is a tutorial from HPI (Europe) on painting an R/C body. (http://www.hpi-europe.com/walk.php?lang=en&id=2). Hope this helps.
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