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Pace Cars

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1970 & 1972 Olds......just when I finished reading on the restored 1970 Olds on Hemming MuscleMachines.....Just totally Awesome!....:thumbsup:

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Cool! I wouldn't mind having those 2 myself. :thumbsup:
Thanks bob!,......I think they still have them on their Web too?....PM me and I'll tell you where?.....:thumbsup:
2 of my favs as well.
Indeed my friend, indeed!,.....:thumbsup:
Great cars bro.
Thanks Dave,...I only have a handfull of these Pace Cars and I never thought that I would have just an interest in these cars and am happy i did. there are two more that am after and maybe later on I'll post them in a Diorama......:thumbsup:
Those look good enough to eat. Nice scores.
Would you like Salt & pepper on it....:lol:.....Thanks Mr.J-Z......:thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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