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Oxford Die-cast Limited was formed in 1993, by a group of ex-Corgi employees. They are well known for their variety of diecast subject matter in various scale sizes of 1:43, 1:76, 1:87, 1:148 vehicles and their range of 1:72 scale airplane models.

Lyndon Davies who initially worked at Corgi Toys was one of the founders of the Oxford Die-cast brand. He started out as an apprentice for Mettoy and is now the CEO of Hornby.

One of Oxford's first offerings were a series called "Mokes". These were made at the former Corgi factory at the time known as Microline Industries Ltd in Swansea, Wales. This was reflected on the packaging box as well. These re-issued castings were sold under the Oxford brand name and made up of Lone Star's former Tuf-Tots line up of vehicles. These castings were intended to be part of a game series that was never released, but later available at flee markets. They were issued with one playing card and insructions on how to play the game inserted in each casting box.

Globe is the name of the magazine sent to members of the Oxford Diecast Collectors Club.

Other known series were -

Bedford CA
Bedford TK
Brands Series
Comic Cuts Series
Drinks Series
Fire Appliance
Magazine Series
Military Series
Old Cigarette Packs Series
Oxford Diecast Football Club Series
Oxford Omnibus
Royalty Series
Thornycroft Bus Series

Sourced references -

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