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The Calshot oval race will be on the 11th March 2007.

The racing:-
Venue opens 9am, practice session starts soon after.
Timed practice to sort through the heats to try and speed match the racers.
Three rounds of qualifying heats, stock 4min races, mod 4min races.
Lunch break will include ‘Thunderdrome’ speed runs,
This will be 3 or 4 solo laps to try and go as fast a possible the record so far in 53.3mph average lap speed!
3 legged finals for all.
Trophies and raffle. to finish by approx 4pm.

The classes are:-
Stock, 27T, 6 cell, any bodyshell (but NASCAR look good).
Super stock, 19T, 6cell, anybodyshell (Go NASCAR style).
Open modified, brushed/brushless, 6 cell NiHh,7.4V LiPo+voltage detector/cutoff, any bodyshell (again NASCAR look good).

We are open to chassis design so you can run a 1/12 or 1/10 pan car or a 1/10 touring car.

Thunderdrome speed runs are anything goes, no cell limit!
last Years lap record at the Thunderdrome. 6.01 seconds or 53.3 mph

The Track:-
Large wooden indoor oval cycle track with 30 degree high banked curves.

Where is it:-
Calshot Activities Centre,
Calshot Spit, Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire, UK.
SO45 1BR
From Southampton, follow A326 Fawley and the brown tourist signs for Calshot Activities Centre and Castle.

Bar and hot snack food available from midday.

Entry forms available from www.rckrazy.co.uk


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Well judging by the avg. speed and lap time the car went ~470 ft.

If you guys got an actual oval car set up for the track that speed record from last year would get shattered easily.
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