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Every time I open up Outlook express It disconnects me and trys to reconnect me
If I already have it opened and go to check my e-mail It will disconnect me
If I try to send an item it disconnects me
All of this is done before I get any e-mails or send any

I have went to the tools and than Options and made sure that the part isn't checked where it says disconnect after checking e-mail

Anybody got any info for me


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Under tools... accounts... click the mail tab. see how many accounts there are. From what you're telling us there should only be one.

Highlight the correct account (delete any extras first). Click the "properties" button on the right of the window. Select the connection tab. It's possible there is an override to the default internet connection settings here. If the box is checked "Always connect to this account using:" This is probably what is hijacking your dial-up connection. Uncheck this box.

Be sure to check your internet connection dial up settings (either under IE Explorer tools, or control panel) to be sure you are dialing the correct ISP by default.

You may have also downloaded software for "free internet access" or some such thing that made these changes for you.

There is also evil software out there that will dial your modem to a 900 pay number. This is usually for "adult content" subscription services. Make sure you know what number your modem is dialing.
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