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Outlaw Racing Products

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I have started a new company called Outlaw Racing Products, which introduced a new oval conversion chassis called the "Demon." The "Demon" was designed and cnc machined inhouse by Outlaw Racing Products. The Outlaw Racing Team has done some track testing in the past 4 weeks with great success. The "Demon" kit includes chassis, bumper, top plate, bottom plate, shock brace, and standoffs which is avalible now for $135.00. Still designing an assorment of t-plates which will be avalible soon. My web site is still under construction but you can reach me for any info or how to get your hands on one, drop me an email to [email protected].
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Hey Chris -- don't forget to send me the dealer info for your new car.

Here is a picture of the chassis if have any other questions you can e-mail me thanks, Chris Jeff, I will get that info out to you as soon as i can, thnx


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That chassis looks pretty sweet 135 that canadian dollar's or American and what style of rear end parts will match up to the holes to hold your rear axle carrieres is it hyper drive associated or?

But other then that the car looks pretty sweet!!!!
nice job man
Burbs thnx for the props bro.... And the kit is $135 american dollars, all you need is associated front end and associated motor plates and your ready to roll. THNx, Chris
Hey Chris I see that where you mount yout t plate you have two holes side by side when most t plates mount with one screw through a pivot ball whats the reasoning for the two hole set up looks pretty neat just inquiring,

wheel'her there are two sets of holes for the t-plate so that you can offset the rear pod one set the car is centered and the other will move the rear pod to the left so all you have to do is unbolt the t-plate and move it to the other set of holes to make that ajustment. THNX,Chris
.100 thick... just like most out there.... at least it was on the ones i saw at the track...
mobilemike,Yes burbs is right the chassis is a .100 thick hope that helps.
burbs, I dont mind you answering the questions as long as you give the right anwser lol.... I was looking for a secutary anyway jk.......Well that kgb ride looks pretty sweet good luck with it, as long as you are following me ha ha........... See ya, Chris
any of you guys that are going to snowbirds want to see the car up close one of my team drivers Jeff Skomski will have the car there he will be running in 4-cell pro mod. If you have any questions about the car dont be affraid to ask him thnx, Chris
Good Luck at the birds, Chris and Jeff!
Burbs if you read this email me at the address above thanks, Chris
i emailed u.... if u did not get it email me at [email protected]
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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